Tueurs en série

Après une demi heure passée sur la route, le conducteur de la Toyota Corolla qui me prit en auto-stop se tourne vers moi et dit : -Tu n’as pas peur que je sois un tueur en série ? Je laisse passer un moment de silence, puis je tourne lentement ma tête vers lui, le regarde droit dans... Continue Reading →

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I went with my family on a trip to Morocco. My vacation turned into a nightmare.

Last summer, I turned twenty, and my parents had planned a 10-day trip to Morocco for me and my 17-year-old brother. In Finland, my brother and I were used to doing outdoor activities and camping with friends in the wilderness. But we've never been on a trip abroad. Summers in Finland are rainy and cool,... Continue Reading →


People had always been afraid of death. They might reconsider if they knew that death itself feared someone else, because I am that someone. Some consider me to be death's nemesis. That's a nice way of putting it. And you might even assume that I'm having some sort of confrontation with death. Oh no. Not... Continue Reading →

Today is the big day

My tenth anniversary is approaching, and my family has finally agreed to let me choose my birthday gift. Of course, there were some terms as a condition to that. My parents were extremely clear about this.  "You must demonstrate that you are disciplined and can behave as requested," my dad said when I brought up... Continue Reading →


Don’t ever lie to an overthinker, it never ends well. Overthinkers are trained to look for holes in every story. If something doesn’t make sens, they will think about it over, and over… and over, until it does. One day, as we were walking back from dinner at a friend's house, my husband leaned in... Continue Reading →

People change, baby

Tony and Paola have been married since last spring. After their honeymoon, they returned to their mundane lives as a schoolteacher and a construction worker in Boston.  She reflected on the early months of their relationship as she set the table for dinner. Paola met Tony while on vacation in Florida with her girlfriends. They... Continue Reading →

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